Be a Supportive Sports Father on and off the Court

6 years ago

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We want your son or daughter to succeed as much as you do, but with these helpful seven tips you will be the best supportive sports father.

1. Help Them Find Their True Passion: Let them play the sport they want to play. Do not sign up your son or daughter to play baseball when they do not want to. You must remember it’s about their dream. Even if they excel in a certain sport, let them branch out by trying a different sport the following season. No one is born a professional athlete, and if he/she is having trouble with their back swing in golf stand by them while they continue to improve.

2. Create A Plan Together: For your child to conquer their dream create a plan together with them. Keep updating their plan as they continue to grow up. Begin their plan with an age appropriate goal. For example, a five year-old thriving for a twenty point game is not an achievable goal. You do not want to overwork your child at a young age. Younger athletes should start off their plan learning the fundamentals of the sport.

3. Credit Coaches and Teachers: Show appreciation to your child's teachers and coaches. And don't forget to credit the incredible education system that brings your child the knowledge they build their legacy on. Every moment your child spends with their coach or teacher helps them be the dream player they want to become. When your son or daughter comes home and says, “Dad, Coach Williams said I did a fantastic job today!”, that smile on their face encourages them to not only be a better player, but to get an education.

4. Good Character: Learning how to be a good sport is crucial for young athletes. The type of person he or she is more important than anything. Even with a player that has a lot of talent, character over anything will matter in the end. When scouts are examining players they want a good person and player. Character is key in playing sports, and being a team player is what matters the most.

5. Focus On The Present: Have he or she live in the moment. Enjoy watching them grow and pursue their dream. Encourage them along the way, and be the one supporting them on the sidelines. Don't let the critics get them down, continue to be on their team throughout all the struggles they go through.

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