Authorized Sport Court® CourtBuilder™.

Since 1974, Sport Court of Southern California has built over 15,000 courts locally. We are tested and approved by the leading sporting bodies in the world and have the highest quality components in the industry. From backyard game courts to the high-school gym, Sport Court of Southern California creates safe backyard basketball courts, multi-sport game courts, pickleball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, futsal courts, roller hockey rinks, handball courts, and putting greens. Learn more about Sport Court’s history. As the elite court builders in Southern California, we offer a wide variety of high-quality sports flooring solutions. We use the best quality sports flooring options best fit your specific application. Sport Court of Southern California builds and installs gymnasium flooring, weight room flooring, multi-sport game courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, roller hockey, tennis courts and shuffleboards, and other sports and games for families and facilities.

USFCR Verified Vendor


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